Garlic Toxic?

by sian on October 6, 2011 · 10 comments

Errrr where did September go?! I have half a dozen unfinished blogs which did not quite make it to the “publish” mark. September is always a busy month, but I suppose I was not quite prepared for how crazy. Now October has arrived, I feel the gentleness of autumn, the coolness in the air, and the calming of September’s busy-ness. Time to relax and reflect…ahhh…

Last month, for me, included attending a wonderful three day workshop in cranio sacral therapy with Ria Feskens, as well as her pineal activation workshop; hosting Yantara Jiro at Spiritual Shanghai, and attending his DNA Vortex Activation course; downloading a new distance healing technique for acupuncture; being reminded of a wonderful channel of information called Sounds True radio if you want to listen to great spiritual music or listen to interviews; becoming clear on a few new projects I will share with you soon; and hearing some new information coming from the oceans and the whales. Wow, busy, yet wonderful  month!

In attending the Cranio Sacral workshop, I learned many new techniques for balancing the cerebral and spinal fluid in the body. Apparently science has it wrong when they say that the bones that make up the skull are fused together and do not move – they DO move. And it is important for them to move in order for the cerebral & spinal fluid to travel around the entire body freely. Quite an amazing technique, and one that uses the lightest of touch, yet so powerful.

When lunch time came, and I was the only one who brought my own sandwich while everyone else enjoyed a delicious middle eastern dish that smelled gorgeous, the obvious question came up as to why I was not eating it with them, and simply munching on an uninteresting sandwich.

The reason is, because I do not eat onion or garlic (or anything from that family, eg chives, spring onion, leeks). This is because it completely shuts off my energy system and I cannot give or receive energy or even meditate. I feel completely cut off from the spiritual world if I have any of those, especially garlic. Mmmm you might say – hasn’t that made my life easy living in China!! Well, to be honest, I have managed to avoid garlic most of the time, and places like Vegetarian Lifestyle, (a Daoist Buddhist veggie restaurant with quite a few locations around Shanghai), who do not cook with garlic or onion for this very reason, has made my life a lot easier.

There’s plenty of documentation about this, and most Doaist Buddhists will avoid garlic and onions, as it’s known to imbalance the body’s energy fields. So much so that it is  impossible to meditate and have a connection with a higher worlds.

When I first heard of this, I did not believe it. I used to eat garlic all the time – my favourite dish being chicken kiev! So my teacher told me to try it out for myself, not to take his word for it. He said “give up garlic & onions (leeks, spring onions, chives too), for two weeks, and see if you notice any difference. Now this is no easy task for the untrained eye, as you will find garlic in so many unsuspecting place, like sauces, flavourings, crisps, cheese dips, hummus, grilled vegetables in sandwich fillings…. So watch out for those. For two weeks, no garlic must be consumed whatsoever, and after those two weeks, when you eat garlic again, wow will you notice it. And then try to meditate afterwards (even a day later), and I am sure you will notice a difference. Or rather, you will notice a difference in your meditation practice when you AVOID garlic.

Garlic is a natural pesticide so when it is put on plants in the garden, no animal will go near it (a sign??). The spiritual reason for garlic on this planet is to absorb all the negativity and anger from the earth. It has manifested as a pungent, strong root “vegetable” so as to put animals off eating it. Yet, here we are eating it in almost everything!

So when we ingest it, we are absorbing all that negativity and anger into our cells and energetic field, hence creating a huge negative energy hit for our systems, cutting us off from our alignment. I do believe some people’s bodies have adapted to eating and managing with garlic in their system, but I do think that it would be a lot easier on the body if garlic was not ingested.

I know people eat garlic as a natural antibiotic, but it kills good and bad bacteria (naturopaths know this).

Here are a few interesting sites about this. You can find more on google as this is a well known fact among the Doaists.

I would highly recommend you read at least the first link:

But don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself and let me know if you feel a difference. I, for one, am so grateful I know this information as I feel so much better, but everyone is different.

I’d love to hear your comments on this!

Sian :-)


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alan vassallo October 10, 2011 at 10:59 am

Sian, very interesting, but your article make’s me even more confused on Garlic after also recently reading the below

Biologists from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA, have shown how garlic can be so effective in lowering cholesterol, lessening blood pressure and protecting your heart, as well as beating infections and boosting your immune system.

Garlic (Allium sativum) has been known as a universal savory ingredient, even a food in its own right, ever since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans ate the pungent bulb in large quantities. The slaves and free men building the Egyptian Pyramids were fed garlic, onions and leeks, and garlic was an essential part of the rations for Roman legions. Equally important, these ancient civilizations recognized garlic’s important health protecting powers, attributes that 21 century science is just starting to recognize.
Garlic’s Health Benefits

In the past couple of decades, garlic has been touted as an excellent source of Vitamin C, and more recently as a natural antibiotic, a stimulus to the immune system, and a possible treatment for lowering high blood pressure.

Read more at Suite101: Why Garlic is Good for your Health: New Research Shows How Garlic Supports Your Heart and Immune System |


matic October 11, 2011 at 6:43 pm


I have heard a lot about this garlic thing but let me tell you. I have been eating it for all my life and had litlle or no sickness. When i meditate i do it with ease, my energy flows freely and unobstructed. I have even tried not eating it for a couple of months but there was no difference what so ever. I came to realize that i am this garlic, this screen that i am looking at right now, the seat that is beneath my bottom, everything is me and i am everything…even garlic. :) spirituality and teachings are one thing while realizing the truth is the dissolving of both of those. i apologize for my english, it is not my native language.

take care


sian October 11, 2011 at 10:42 pm

I really like how this sounds, and I truly have thought of this many times.

I am just wondering – if our goal is to reach a certain consciousness, and to become more sensitive to energies and fine-tune the physical body etc, when do we get to that stage of oneness with the everything when we decide to eat all these foods that were supposed to be doing us harm? Is it when we reach a certain consciousness level when we truly believe and understand that these foods will no longer affect us in the same way? Can we really say this about alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar etc?

I have heard both sides, and honestly I am still unsure how to deal with this issue. I have heard of a great Spiritual Master in Mexico who has profound spiritual wisdom, but who lives on tequila. He said he loved it and he functioned best on it, and it did not get him drunk. He just was at a level where it did not affect him the way it would others.

Then I have heard of people living off junk food and chocolate, not putting on weight because their consciousness is in a place where they do not believe it will make them put on weight or harm them.

Coming from the other extreme, I have known people who are so sensitive to certain foods and chemicals that it becomes almost impossible to function properly in the real world.

So where is that fine line between Scientific Truth and Mind over Matter? And is there even one?

Or is it just different for everyone depending on their purpose?

Perhaps we need to focus on what makes us happy, and if we feel that we are doing harm by ingesting certain substances, then we need to follow that intuition (which might not be the same for everyone), and if we think by not ingesting certain foods, we feel it is helping our body, then we should continue that too.

I also think there is much knowledge out there that remains hidden from most of us who do not search or look ‘beyond the box’, and I do believe in the truth of much of it.

Would love to hear your comments on this….


Anu October 11, 2011 at 9:25 pm

well written sian. in india especially south indian Brahmins(a caste who are preists who perform poojas at temples)completely avoid onions and garlic.there are other indian communities who avoid the same in their food!but if you ask me i eat both (occasionaly)but would love to experiment without onion and garlic !


sian October 11, 2011 at 10:48 pm

Do you know the reasons they avoid onion and garlic?

Would love to hear how you get on with your experiments without onion and garlic if you do it! :)


Anu October 12, 2011 at 2:33 pm

well sian…In the holy text of Hindus “the Bhagavad Gita”,(i think chapter 14)Lord Krishna says about the Three Gunas..Satva,tamas and rajas gunas..(elaborating this will take large amount of time and am not an expert on these matters).Satva is about being pure,illuminating and free from sickness.Rajas is full of passion born out of intense desire or passion and Tamas is darkness or crudeness in men. These Gunas compete with each other for supremacy in a being and one guna can establish supremacy only by suppressing other!

those who are brahmins cook foods from satvic category. garlic and onion does not fall under satvic category

i suggest the following link as this can be considered as an expert opinion


when i start(don’t know when) my non garlic non onion diet will let u know! and thanks a lot for giving us”food for thought”!


sian October 12, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Thanks so much for this information Anu!

Those links are really interesting, particularly that the Chinese find garlic harmful to the stomach, liver and eyes and a cause for scattered thoughts and dizziness.

Happy digesting! :-)


matic October 11, 2011 at 11:23 pm

As i started walking this “spiritual path” i noticed that there were so many teachings, lessons, different ways of reaching your goal. I wasn’t particularly interested in obtaining some expanded awareness and wacky states which are nice but aren’t really the truth. I read many books, listened to many teachings, saying you should live like this, do those things like that, eat this, don’t eat that, all that just didn’t ring true to me if you know what i mean. It added more and more confusion until the point where i felt i was waaaay off the point and ready to give up all this enlightenment thing i was chasing. Then i came across The direct approach… that was it! It cuts straight to the point cutting thru all the “bullshit” that surrounds spirituality and how one should act and live. I have realized that the truth awakens by the way of dissolving the I as it did in me and not thru awkward postures, eating right foods, singing mantras, meditating for hours and hours, etc….
I still eat garlic and onions, have a beer here and there, eat a burger and it is allright. Don’t limit yourself and impose rules on yourself because that is just your mind going in circles.


Beate October 28, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Thank you for sharing this, Sian, it really makes sense to me as noticed recently that I cannot take garlic very well any more. I did not grow up with garlic as my mother could not take it at all, it made her sick. When picking grapes in Provence I was of course introduced to it, had it in every meal and could not understand why we did not have garlic at home. And we would never eat raw onions, only use them to treat bee-stings. Leek, however, was part of our winter staple vegetables, we grew it in our own garden.

So I was on my new path of eating garlic as much as possible ( perhaps also part of rebelling against my mother ? ) It took me a while to realize that garlic made me feel uncomfortable when overdoing it. I was overly thirsty, had a sore throat and it gave me a headache and my stomach also did not feel too good. But how can you avoid it when having Italian or Mediterranean food?

In China I came across Chinese chives, and although I learned that they are very healthy, especially in winter, I simply cannot eat them. They spoil a delicious dish and I do not feel well after eating them – it is very meditative to pick out the little bits with chopsticks…

Vegetarian Lifestyle is among my favorite restaurants and I always was wondering WHY they do not cook with garlic, onions, leek, chives. Then I met my new neighbor who is a vegan Buddhist and I simply asked her what this was all about. She explained to me what you have shared, that eating these little stinkers will prevent you from deep meditation. And then I suddenly realized that for a while I have been avoiding garlic and have used less and less onions in cooking. As you rarely can get great leek here anyway I had given up using it a while ago already. My husband does not like garlic at all, so I do not use it in my own cooking. And you can make a really great hummus without any garlic!

She was very excited to hear this and she told me that my body seems to vibrate on a higher frequency, so I should be very happy.

Anyway, I feel better when avoiding the little stinkers, and that is what is important. Is it because I did not grow up with them? Is it because I practice meditation more regularly and do energy work? I do not know. There are millions of people who eat them as children and in some countries you can hardly get any dish without them. They seem to do fine. Whatever the reason might be, listening to your body is probably the best way to find out what works best for you. The more I do this the better I feel, no matter what other people might say. Millions of flies eat poop, and yet, chose not to try it ;-)


mindguider March 21, 2013 at 1:14 am

i am so sad to finally learn why Daoists dont eat garlic! i love it with a passion! recently I have been feeling kind of down because my meditations are not as connected as they were when I was working as a scuba instructor in malaysia. Two years ago when I started the job there I became a vegetarian, kind of, that is I still ate eggs and dairy products but no meat or fish at all. I started at that time to focus on opening my third eye and cleansing my pineal gland, I drank natural spring water from the island and used natural toothpastes with no fluoride. Also the food I ate very rarely contained any garlic. I began to feel my third area buzzing all the time, and I was really excited about it, but now that I am in Shanghai working as a full time musician again i have started to eat fish in my diet as I just couldn’t say no to all the free sushi on offer that comes with my contract!! However I am also eating garlic bread at least 3 times a week and there is a lot of garlic and onions in all the food! Guess what, my third eye area buzz has gone and I miss it! I was feeling guilty for eating fish again and was considering stopping but now that I have read this about garlic I will try and abstain from eating it for 2 weeks if possible and see what happens.
I would like to ask though, would my eating fish again have effected my third eye development as well?
Im so happy to have found this site, great job and thank you


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