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Having lived in China for various years,Sabine has studied the classical Feng Shui and Bazi techniques with renowed Grand Master Lo in Hong Kong. Delving deep into this ancient knowledge it reveals its beauty and its timeliness.

Event Date: 17/06/2012
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A Two day certificate workshop on I Ching Divination (Chinese Art of Fortune Telling) is being hosted by Fengshuiserverin Bangalore, INDIA. Participants, even beginners can learn this unique art of Feng Shui fortune telling from renowned Accredited Feng Shui Master S.BS.Surendran and Master Lau Zhan Hung, Singapore.

The workshop will enable its participants to learn the skills of Chinese Divination which gives an insight into happenings, it will train the participants at the basic level to understand the science and discern the occurrences in their lives.

Limited seats only, you may avail of the early bird offer by registering before 20th May 2012.


IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Master Surendran and Master Lau Zan Hung proudly presents authentic “I Ching Divination” ( Feng Shui Fortune telling) training to students in India.

Feng Shui has in recent years enjoyed resurgence. Feng Shui – the fine art of placement that results in the harmonious relationship between man, the dwelling and the environment comprises of Feng Shui (geomancy), 4 Pillars of Destiny and I Ching Divination.

I Ching (pronounced as YEE CHING) is an integral part of feng shui that served the role of fortune telling or as a divination tool. I Ching is very much a part of philosophy and oracle (as divination) tool that provides guiding principles to the Imperial court in ancient China.

More commonly known to the Western world as the “Book of Changes”, I Ching is an invaluable divination tool when you need answers for very important decisions in your life like buying a new home, getting married to a spouse or event decisions to switch jobs.

For the first time ever, such practitioner skills are being taught in the classes by both the renowned Feng shui Masters

What to Expect:

The boundary of I-Ching is as wide as our universe, nothing can escape the boundary of I-Ching, and hence all aspects of a person’s life can be forecast using I-Ching Divination methods. If you wish to know about love, fortune, wealth, legal issues, business, partnerships, career, world events, weather, earth quakes or anything of interest, I-ching can give you a clear insight of the possibilities and the timeline too.

For example one can ask for advice to hold in mind during a particular conversation for a crucial business meeting, health issues or if in a relationship you can even get to know where a relationship might be headed. The I ching analysis can reveal tremendous possibilities and what one needs to do overcome the obstacles however it calls for focus and attention by the person doing the divination.

Empowering your Decision making

The I Ching is an invaluable tool when you wish to take big decisions in your life. It could be career change, relocation, committing to a relationship or even moving house. The outcomes of such decisions have a wide range of possible effects that you can’t possibly anticipate them all.

Through The wonderful art of “I ching” divination you would be able to take control of the happenings in your life and achieve greater success.

Profile of The Hosts:

Master Lau Zan Hung
Feng Shui researcher, practitioner and Writer who holds two MBAs from the University of Western Australia and University of Adelaide. Zan Hung is an avid researcher, passionate trainer and practitioner since 2003 is a Diploma graduate of renown Hong Kong Feng Shui grand master. Zan Hung is very focused and continuously researched the subject areas of feng shui, 4 Pillar of Destiny and I Ching Divination to ensure methodologies are correct, accurate and remedies prescribed are useful.

Master Surendran S.BS. SURENDRAN.
Renowned , accredited Feng Shui Master, Electrical engineer and an Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers, India. Practitioner and weekly columnist in many leading International and National Dailies in India, Surendran has practiced Feng Shui and Vaasthu for over 15 years. Surendran is a passionate educator on the subjects of Feng Shui, I Ching , 4 Pillar of destiny and trained bio-energetician from International Academy of bio energetics

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or you may call +91 – 80-25252456 or 25252109 (10am-5pm)

Claudia Saenz

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I am an architect as a profession and have been working in the field for more than 8 years. However, health and fitness have been major concerns in my life, and that’s the reason why I started studying Feng Shui, to relate the architecture with the healing arts.

I discovered that healing spaces were really beneficial for people, but many times arrived at dead ends because the internal systems of people were not healthy enough and ended up “contaminating” their own spaces. In that point, I decided to learn more about how healing could come from within….

I started doing yoga being a child, with my grandmother as a instructor and that was a good starting point. Then I studied Reiki, Shiatsu and Hypnotherapy. I deepened this understanding of the energetic fields in the body and mind by doing color, sound and quantum healing workshops along with discovering that other entities, like angels and ascended masters were not part of a fairy tale but real beings helping us in this path, and healing the world though therapists as vessels.

All that gave me a broad background and the ability to help building that ‘bridge’, to help healing and growing, and at the same time left me with the feeling that there’s a lot more to discover, a lot more to learn, a lot more to teach… but the road is long, and I’m just a ‘new born’.

I practiced and healed in Colombia for some time and then I moved to South Africa where I did a Yoga teacher training in a mixture of styles (Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga) and started ‘bridging’ all the other healing arts through yoga, teaching energy healing sessions. In a way, closing a circle coming back to the roots and in another, broadening the infinite possibilities and combinations of this.

I have been applying the healing arts as a side profession for more than 6 years and deepening the knowledge by self studying nutrition, anatomy and many other holistic areas.

Besides this technical approach, I have deepened the connection with my inner self and building (yes, building, like an architect! :-) ) energetic balance within myself. That’s why I’m here, writing this, trying to be a connection, helping others to design their internal world the way they want to, the healthier way for each unique being.

I feel blessed to have found the opportunity to be here, giving this away, to learn each day and to share, what I have been learning.